(Pet & People Portraiture)

Double portrait done live at an event.
Whether a fine art portrait is your first piece of "real" art or an addition to an extensive collection, it contributes its own special qualities to the general ambiance of your space.​​​

Portraits are done two ways: live or from photographs. From life, if the subject posing is of the four-legged variety, the finished product will be freer, less constrained, more impressionistic. From the flat, still photo, more detail is gleaned; the brush strokes tend to be tighter. Weinstein is able to paint in either style with great success.

Locally, when working from photographs, she shoots about 100 photographs per subject. Working with her client, she then culls from a multitude of images to create a collaborative vision. As the picture nears its completion, the subject comes to her studio for the final live touchup. 

When cats are the models, as they rarely travel well, she goes to their homes for that final touch .

Oil paintings start at $350. For more information contact the artist directly - see below.

Chris Peake the Dachshund​​ 
was retired from the show circuit early on due to a complete unwillingness to cooperate. Remarkably, in my studio she modeled as though she retained much knowledge of her early training, making it possible for me to do touch-ups for two hours. For all animals, including humans, the ability to stay still is impossible - not for Chris. Both her mom and I were stunned.  Emily Eve Weinstein
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